Design Services & Website Design, Development and Management

Do you need a new marketing approach that generates attention, speaks to your customer at the right moment, earns customer loyalty and proves the value of your marketing investment? That’s where we come in.


Spence Print has a team of highly skilled designers that support the design needs of your ongoing marketing efforts, ensuring consistency and quality with every piece. We know that experienced and  subject matter experts is what is needed to ideate, create and deliver wow solutions to grow your business. Our team of graphics experts is dedicated to helping you reach your marketing goals.

We offer full scale graphics design service and will facilitate any type of designing for your business needs, from logos, brand identity, all types of marketing materials, signage, corporate stationary, product catalogues, brochures to annual reports and more that you need to run and promote your business and your brand. We have successfully completed design and branding projects for many well known Canadian and US brands.


Your logo is the first impression your customer has of your business. A company’s logo is intended for immediate recognition, inspiring trust, loyalty and an implied credibility. Your logo is one aspect of your brand or economic entity, and it’s shapes, colours, fonts and images differentiate you from your competition. Our team is highly experienced in designing the logos.


A brand’s identity is the overall look and feel of all its marketing and communications material. Identity design is based around visual elements used within a business, usually assembled within a set of guidelines. The guidelines that make up an identity will administer how the identity is applied throughout the variety of marketing tactics and mediums, using approved colour palettes, fonts, layouts and measurements. These guidelines ensure that the identity of the company is kept consistent allowing the brand, as a whole, to be recognizable.

Spence Print team can redesign or refresh your existing brand and document it in a detailed Identity Guideline. All files and digital templates are delivered along with printed copies of the identity guideline. We can also create a digital brand guideline in the form of an online Wiki to improve collaboration and streamline brand management.


In today’s business world, it has become extremely important to make a strong impact on the web. Your website is the digital window for your brand. This is why a well designed website is the foremost requirement for any business. Spence Print team creates websites that offer the most advanced design trends, delivering a delightful user experience.

Our Website Developers are dedicated to helping you reach your digital goals. We have successfully completed projects for many well known Canadian and US brands.

Whether you are a start-up looking for an edgy WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or HTML web design or an established company with a corporate identity, we are eager to discover how we can help you and turn your ideas into great online experiences.

Our web designing service is particularly known for highly useful features such as:

  • Advanced Custom Web designing backed by state of the art technology

We provide turnkey custom designs for our clients. Whether you need help in the creative process, or want an applications that are unique and innovative we can help you. From E-Commerce sites, to Social Networking sites, we can design, create, and optimize them for you.

  • Website Management

Are you a well-known company or growing brand? Do you need a vendor who can help you maintain your website 24/7? Do you require content updates and changes on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, then maybe you need to learn more about our Full Website Management Services. Please call us for more information.

  • SEO friendly and brand strategy component for business

If you plan on ranking high on search engine listings, you might want to get your site geared for SEO.

  • Mobile-Conversion

We have the ability to make your website become mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly means that your website will have content (text/images) that change when you use a different screen size. For instance, your website’s images will change when you switch from a desktop (medium-size screen) to a smartphone (small-size screen). Please call us for more information.

  • Web App Development

Sometimes you need a web application developed or updated. The term ‘application’ is applied when  you have a website that has functionalities and features that most websites do not have. We offer these services. Please call us for more information.

  • E-Commerce Development

If your business sells or is currently looking to sell online, our team of website developers and marketers can help you. We can help you build a custom e-commerce site, and have advanced functionalities like inventory management, re-marketing tools, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and much more… Please call us for more information.

  • WC3/AODA Compliance

In some countries and cities, there are certain compliance standards that your website might have to comply to. For example, in Ontario, entities who have a certain number of employees are required to have an AODA Compliant Website. AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act) compliance means that the website will have to abide by certain standards. Most in particular, it has to allow individuals who have disabilities the ability to access and read the content through special means. The consequences of not abiding to certain compliance or regulations can be very detrimental. Our team has experience in executing such compliance requirements. Please call us for more information.

  • High quality user experience each time
  • Content organization
  • High quality information architecture